After 30 years in the business, we understand what makes our markets tick so we can help brands develop new products, services and to create brilliant content marketing strategies.


We can undertake consulting projects across our areas of market expertise utilising the wide range of experience and knowledge in the TIN team. Here are a couple of examples of our consultancy work.

We were approached by the Daimler Group’s business innovations team and asked to carry out a feasibility study into potential synergies with the accommodation market.
Over the course of two separate contracts, TIN undertook a detailed feasibility study and helped to identify the perfect partner for a new serviced apartment product – Mercedes Living.

Drawing on our experience of the serviced apartment sector we were able to bring Daimler together with Frasers Hospitality. The result was launched as Mercedes Living @ Frasers.

The Alpha Suites approached TIN requiring assistance in terms of both Product and Distribution consultancy.

As a result we undertook a wide-ranging consultancy project to shape the product and distribution for the Philippines-based extended stay brand.

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