Welcome to Travel Intelligence Network

We create marketing-driven content that positions travel, accommodation and meeting brands as thought leaders in their fields.

We harness 30 years of accumulated industry knowledge, contacts and understanding to devise strategies that help our clients stand out from the crowd.

Since 2005 we have delivered over 100 white papers and industry reports, 200 blogs, 12 industry conferences and 12 award events. That’s around a million words written and many times more in spoken content.

Smart ideas and delivering maximum Return on Investment are our speciality.

What is content?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and
distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”

– Content Marketing Institute

Why content?

Content is king. It nurtures customer relationships, building trust whilst conveying a brand’s personality. Great content is relevant, engaging and compelling because it provides knowledge that recipients regard as beneficial. This can be delivered in white papers, conferences, reports, award events, websites, and also in product/service documentation and presentations.

What we do


White papers

Switched-on brands engage with customers through relevant content that adds value. We have researched and written over 50 white papers, numerous client magazines and award-winning sector reports, as well as website content.

Conferences Icon


Conferences are an ideal way to educate existing and prospective clients. They also need to deliver a very personal experience to delegates. We create compelling content, source speakers and moderate client forums and industry conferences.


Award Events

Everyone wants to win an award. That’s why award events are such an integral part of client, supplier and colleague engagement. We have successfully managed several awards programmes, liquidating the costs through robust sponsorship sales.



After 30 years in the business, we understand what makes our markets tick. We also know a lot of people, so we can help brands develop new products and services, create content marketing strategies and facilitate new business relationships.

Who we have worked with

We regard ourselves as specialists because we only work in the travel, meetings and hospitality sectors. He are just some of the organisations we’ve worked with in recent years.

Our work

Recent TIN Papers & Reports

Click to download some recent examples of our work.

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Who are we?

TIN is a network of travel industry professionals and marketing specialists who can be called upon depending on the project or brief. We have access to experts in all travel sectors from accommodation to ground transport, and every marketing discipline from research to social media. However our clients pay only for the expertise they require.

Founded in 2005, TIN is owned and led by Mark Harris. Mark joined the business travel industry in 1990, is a former Marketing Director at two hotel booking agents and Head of Marketing at ITM. He was voted the business travel industry’s Personality of the Year in 2006.

As well as being responsible for TIN’s editorial output and client relationships, Mark is a regular contributor to trade media and moderator/presenter of industry events. After lunch he is chairman of Witton Albion FC and the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League.

TIN Associates

TIN draws on the expertise of several travel or meetings industry professionals. Each is highly experienced in his or her field and, as a TIN associate, can make their knowledge available to TIN clients.